Advancing the dialogue to protect Israel’s security needs and pave the way for a two-state solution.



Proposals to improve Israel’s security and international standing through integrated efforts that combine security, civil-economic and political measures in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Key Principles


A framework for arrangements that would be necessary to ensure security within the context of a sustainable two-state agreement

Key Principles


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“Israel will one day be “forced to separate from the Palestinians, in one way or another…time is not on our side.”
Gabi Ashkenazi, Former IDF Chief of Staff
“[N]o solution’ means that there’s going to be one state…it’ll be a democratic system for the minority and a non-democratic system for the majority, and this is unsustainable and untenable.”
Efraim Halevy, Former Mossad Chief
“We’re dealing with fateful issues in Israel, the peace process is deadlocked and we’re heading rapidly towards a bi-national state. This is the end of Zionism, we need new leadership.”
Ya’akov Perry, Former Shin Bet Director
“I am afraid that it might come to a point in which it will be impossible to go back to a two-state solution, and then it’s going to be a chaotic situation.”
Amnon Lipkin-Shahak (Z'L), Former Chief of Staff
“The unsolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict represents an existential threat… we need to reach an agreement now, before we reach the ‘point of no return’ in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a point from which we will not be able to return to the option of ‘two states for two people.’”
Yuval Diskin, Former Shin Bet Director
“Some values are more sacred than land. Peace, which is the life and soul of true democracy, is more important than land.”
Shabtai Shavit, Former Head of Mossad